Jay Abraham:

Jay is an internationally-known marketing guru who I have learned many, many things from that have impacted my success, and propelled my financial return on my marketing efforts to heights I had never dreamed of. I’m probably one of his biggest fans!

You’ll probably think this is crazy, but he had a book, “Marketing Secrets of Mr. X” (a paperback, no less) that sold for nearly $400… and I bought it! Yeah, I’m a freak for learning new things to help us grow our business. That book is what started me on my path (a “hunger” really) to learn all I could about marketing and building my business.

Since that early purchase, I have spent over $200,000 on my marketing and management education, in some form or another. But, with that being said, that investment of money and time has made me millions. Fair trade? You bet!

Note: I actually won the only marketing competition (to my knowledge) that Jay ever held (back in 1998-99) in Los Angeles, CA. I was competing against 264 other entrepreneurs. Seven judges voted me the winner. Like I said, I’m a huge fan.

Here are some incredible resources for you… and at no charge. Great stuff! I paid several thousand dollars for this information I’m providing you here!


Chet Holmes:

I learned about Chet from Jay when they did a program together in LA. Chet died in 2013, but not before leaving a huge body of work, and one of the most impressive collections on how to grow your business you’ll ever see. His book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” is a must-read.


Tremendous Life Books:

What more can I say about Tracey Jones and her team? They are a solid group, and you should definitely check out their website, and see how many books, CD’s, and DVD’s they have that are perfect for you to continue your education as a manager.


Verne Harnish’s “Gazelles Growth Institute” has some really great courses and information to help you grow your business and sales. There’s a webinar I did on their site too. It’s called “Becoming a Top 10% Manager”. Check it out.

Whale Hunters:

If your company has been stuck in a rut “fishing for only smaller fish”, you should contact Barbara Weaver Smith at the “Whale Hunters”. She’s been a valued confidant of mine for a while now, and I always trust her input on key decisions. She’s written a wonderful book, and that’s how I learned about her and her company. You can find it here:


Michael Gerber:

Though I’ve never met Michael personally, I have been greatly impacted by his work, and especially by his book, “The E Myth Revisited”. As I stated earlier in a chapter in my book, I have it in hardback and audio versions. Great stuff, and it will really assist you in creating “systems” to make everything run smoothly in your business. Check out his information at:

Dale Carnegie Courses:

There are millions of people who have taken Dale Carnegie Courses down through the years (including yours truly), and they are invaluable in helping you become a more confident leader.

Hiring Right: TopGrading

We use many of Brad Smart’s processes in hiring our newest employees these days, and I would advise you to do the same. Hiring the wrong person will cost you time and money, and could seriously damage your company in so many ways. Take the correct steps to minimize your mistakes.

If you have any questions, remember… I’m always here for YOU!